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2011-2022 Sermon Recordings

June 2022

06/26: Pastor Simon Chow: Five Kernels of Corn

06/19: Pastor Darrell: A Heavenly Prayer

06/12: Pastor Po-Wei: Mary’s Praise and Our Joy

06/05: Pastor Darrell: What’s Going On Here?

2022 Spring Conference, May 14~15

Session 1: Pastor Po-Wei: God and Creation

Session 2: Pastor Po-Wei: Jesus and Truth

Session 3: Pastor Po-Wei: Spirit and Beauty (no recording)

Session 4: Pastor Po-Wei: Faith

Session 5: Pastor Po-Wei: Hope

Session 6: Pastor Po-Wei: Love

May 2022

05/29: Pastor Po-Wei: What Happens When You Try to Change the World?

05/22: Pastor Warren: Shining Faces

05/08: Pastor Darrell: Our Shepherd Today (no recording)

05/01: Pastor Darrell: Life’s Ups and Downs

April 2022

04/24: Pastor Po-Wei: Must We Suffer

04/17: 联合崇拜(joint service):李攀牧师(Pastor Larry):在复活的生命中前行

04/10: Pastor Po-Wei: The Cross of Christ

04/03: Pastor Darrell: Building and Preserving

March 2022

03/27: Pastor Po-Wei: Jesus’ Philosophy of Life

03/20: Pastor Darrell: Get Right or Get Left!

03/13: Pastor Po-Wei: Salvation Is a History (no video recording)

03/06: Pastor Darrell: Salvation

Feburary 2022

02/27: Pastor Po-Wei: The Strange Glory of Jesus

02/20: Pastor Darrell: Love Reaction

02/13: Pastor Po-wei: The Strange Kingdom of Jesus

02/06: Pastor Darrell: An Answer to Prayer

Juanary 2022

01/30: Pastor Po-Wei: Gospel of Outsiders

01/23: Pastor Chow: Sweeter Than Honey

01/16: Pastor Darrell: The Life Giving Wine (no recording)

01/09: Pastor Po-wei: The Life of God in the Baptism of Jesus

01/02: 联合崇拜(joint service):武永丰(Yongfeng)长老:兴起,发光 Arise, Shine

December 2021

12/26: 联合崇拜(joint service):张大汉(Darrell)牧师:爱的完美礼物(The Perfect Gift of Love)(无录像no video recording)

12/19: Pastor Po-wei: The Ancient and Future King

12/12: Pastor Po-wei: Repentance and Joyful Expectation

12/05: Pastor Darrell: The Purifier

November 2021

11/28: Pastor Po-Wei: The Endgame of God

11/14: Pastor Darrell: Total Salvation

11/14: Pastor Po-Wei: Hannah’s story is the Story of God’s

11/07: Pastor Darrell: A Thankful Job

October 2021

10/31: Pastor Simon Chow: The God We Can Know

10/24: Pastor Po-Wei: God’s Compassionate Plan to Save

10/10: Pastor Po-Wei: The Sword of God’s Word

10/03: Pastor Darrell: Surprise

September 2021

09/26: Pastor Simon Chow: A Heart of Repentance (No video recording)

09/19: Pastor Po-wei: The Son of Man Came to Seek and to Save the Lost

09/12: Pastor Darrell: Don’t Count On It!

09/05: 联合崇拜(Joint Service):李攀牧师:罪与罚(Sin and Punishment)

August 2021

08/29: Pastor Po-wei: The Commission of Paul the Apostle

08/22: Pastor Warren: A Legacy of Obedience

08/15: Pastor Darrell: God Shows Up

08/08: Pastor Po-wei: The Binding Faith (no video recording)

08/01: Pastor Darrell: Noah’s Obedience

July 2021

07/25: Joint Service (联合崇拜): Pastor Po-wei: The Faith of the Bleeding Woman (血漏妇人的信心)

07/18: Joint Service (联合崇拜): Pastor Po-wei: The Faith of a Canaanite Woman (迦南妇人的信心)

07/11:联合崇拜 (Joint Service): 你当走的路甚远 (The Journey Is Too Great for Us)

07/04 Joint Service (联合崇拜): Pastor Darrell: Elijah’s Dependence on God (以利亚依靠上帝)

June 2021

06/27: Pastor Po-wei: Daniel in Lion’s Den

06/20: Pastor Darrel: Fear God Only

06/13: Pastor Po-wei: How the Kingdom Grows

06/06: Pastor Darrell: Joseph’s ‘Fear’ of God

May 2021

05/23: Pastor Po-wei: The Meaning of Pentecost

05/16: Pastor Darrell: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

05/09: Pastor Po-Wei: The Coming of the Spirit

Pastor Darrell: 05/02: A Di”vine” Connection

April 2021

04/25: Pastor Po-wei: No Other Name

04/18: Pastor Darrell: A Prayer to God, a Plea to Men

04/11: Pastor Darrell: A Praying Church

March 2021

03/28: Pastor Po-Wei: The Life of the Servant

03/21: Pastor Darrell: A New Deal

03/14: Pastor Po-wei: Only God can save us from Sin

03/07: Pastor Darrell: True Wisdom

Feburary 2021

02/28: Pastor Po-wei: A Glimpse of Eternal Life

02/21: Pastor Warren: Kingdom of Living, Kingdom of Dying

02/14: Pastor Po-Wei: The Cross Is the Truth of Transfiguration

02/07: Pastor Darrell: Come and See!

January 2021

01/31: Todd Green: With Strength Comes Responsibility

01/24: Pastor Po-Wei: The Ongoing Decision of Calling

01/17: Pastor Darrell: Proving a Powerful Priority

01/10: Pastor Po-wei: The Beginning of the True Human Revolution

01/03: Pastor Darrell: God Among Us

December 2020

12/27: Pastor Po-Wei: The Gift of New Humanity

12/13: Pastor Po-Wei: We Are the Year of Jubilee

12/06: Pastor Darrell: Second to None

November 2020

11/29: Todd Green: Endless Thanks

11/22: Pastor Po-wei: A Final Prayer

11/15: Pastor Darrell: Grounded in the Word

11/08: Pastor Po-Wei: The Word of God is our Deliverance

11/01: Pastor Darrell: The Light of the Word

October 2020

10/25: Warren Mainard: God’s Word Everyday

10/18: Pastor Darrell: God’s Panacea

10/11: Pastor Darrell: A Work of Art


September 2020

09/27: Todd Green:The Jesus Way

09/20: Pastor Po-wei: The Word That Speaks Better Than All the Creation

09/13: Pastor Darrell: A Recipe for Purity

August 2020

08/30: Todd Green: A Song We Can All Sing

08/23: Pastor Po-wei: How to Desire God’s Presence

08/16: Pastor Darrell: More Than a Coincidence

08/09: Pastor Po-wei: Why are you downcast, my soul?

08/02: Pastor Darrell: Stronger Love for a Strong Storm

July 2020

07/26: Pastor Po-wei: The Joy of Forgiveness

07/19: Pastor Darrell: One Thing

07/12: Pastor Po-wei: A Prayer for Transformation

07/05: Pastor Darrell: A Cry from the Heart

June 2020

06/28: Pastor Darrell: On the Run, Run to God

06/21: Pastor Po-Wei: How Can We Change if Salvation Is Free

06/14: Pastor Darrell: Trouble in Rome

06/07: Pastor Po-Wei: What is the Trinity and why do we believe in it?

May 2020

05/31: Pastor Darrell: He Is Back

05/17: Pastor Po-wei: Contending for God’s Truth

05/10: Pastor Darrell:The One and Only

05/03: Pastor Po-wei: They Were Intoxicated with the Lord

April 2020

04/26: Pastor Darrell: A Life-Changing Conversation

04/19: Pastor Po-wei: Death Could Not Hold Him

04/05: Warren Mainard: Resurrecting Resilience

March 2020

03/29: Todd Green: Elarge Our Perspective

03/22: Pastor Darrell: The Faithful Shepherd, by Darrell

03/15: Pastor Powei: The Journey of Faith Begins with God’s Promise

03/08: 中英文联合崇拜Joint Service:李攀牧师Pastor Larry:神的国!The Kingdom of God

03/01: Pastor Darrell: A Trustworthy High Priest

Februry 2020

02/23: Pastor Powei: Jesus the Most Trustworthy Lord

02/16: Pastor Darrell: A Deadly Choice

02/09: Pastor Powei:A Righteousness Greater than the Greatest Lawkeepers

02/02: Pastor Darrell:A Perfect Score

January 2020

01/19: Pastor Darrell: United in Christ (no sound in audio)

01/12: Todd Green: Hearing the Voice of God

01/05: Pastor Po-wei: Everything We Are and Everything We Have

December 2019

12/29: Todd Green

12/15: Pastor Powei: When Is a Church a Church

12/08: Pastor Darrell: The Incarnation in Philippians

12/01: Pastor Darrell: Worship in Philippians

November 2019

11/24: Pastor Poweri: How to Hope Like Peter?

11/17: Pastor Darrell: Humility in Philippians (no audio)

11/10: Pastor Po-wei: Jesus is Lord

11/03: Pastor Darrell:Grace and Peace in Philippians

October 2019

10/27: Pastor Powei: Beat the Devil with God’s Love

10/20: Pastor Darrell: I Got You

10/13: Pastor Po-wei: The Truth of Humility

10/06: Pastor Darrell: A Genie in a Bottle

September 2019

09/29: Todd Green

09/22: Pastor Darrell: Joyful Suffering

09/15: Pastor Po-wei: The Story So Far

09/08: Warren: How you know?

09/01: Darrell: I Got Beef with You

August 2019

08/25: Pastor Po-wei: The Mystery of Suffering

08/18: Pastor Darrell: Friends or Foes of the Cross

08/11: Thomas Chen: Called Out (no audio recording)

08/04: Pastor Darrell: Persisting in Christ

July 2019

07/28: Todd Green

07/21: Pastor Po-wei: End time and prayer and love

07/14: Pastor Po-wei: Suffering and sin and judgment and end time and prayer and love

07/07: Pastor Darrell: Nothing But Christ

June 2019

06/30: Pastor Po-wei: The Strange Proclamation of Jesus

06/23: Pastor Darrell: Nothing without Christ

06/09: Todd Green: Timothy & Epaphroditus

06/02: Pastor Darrell: How to Serve, and NOT Serve

May 2019

05/12: Pastor Po-wei: The Christian Power for Change

05/05: Pastor Darrell: A Lifestyle Worthy of the Gospel

April 2019

04/28: Pastor Po-Wei: How to Change the World

04/21: 中英文联合崇拜Joint Worship:大汉 (Darrell) 牧師: A Born Again Resurrection

04/14: Pastor Po-wei: The Trouble of Being Temple

04/07: Brother Thomas Chen:

March 2019

03/31: Brother Todd Green:

03/24: Pastor Darrel: Life and Death: Not a Game

03/17: Pastor Po-wei: To be Sanctified is to be Transformed by the Adventure of Love

03/10: Pastor Po-wei: Hope in Jesus’ Holiness

03/03: Pastor Darrel: The Gospel Goes Viral

Feburary 2019

02/24: Zach Whitlow: That’s Not Fair

02/17: Pastor Darrell: A Gospel Fellowship Prayer

02/03: Pastor Darrel: The Minds of Philippians

January 2019

01/27: Pastor Po-wei: Our Glorious Hope

01/20: Todd Green

01/13: Pastor Po-wei: Our Inalienable Identity

01/06: Pastor Darrel: A New Season in Philippi

December 2018

12/30: Todd Green

12/23: 联合崇拜Joint Service:张大汉(Darrell)牧師: 復活的禮物A Resurrected Gift

12/16: Pastor Po-wei: The Story of Faith

12/09联合崇拜:陈柏维牧師:我們的福音和三位一體的神 Joined Service: Pastor Po-wei: Our Gospel and the Trinity God

12/02: Pastor Darrel: What on earth is going on?

November 2018

11/25: Todd Green

11/18: Pastor Darrel: The Tangled Web of Deceit

11/11:Pastor Po-wei: The Mission of the Spirit

11/04:Pastor Darrel: A Kingdom Investment

October 2018

10/28:Pastor Po-wei: The Death of Christ and the Glory of God

10/21:Pastor Darrell: A Kingdom Prayer: Genuine & Persistent

10/14:Pastor Po-wei: The Washbasin and the New

10/07:Pastor Darrel: The Truth about Sin

September 2018

09/30:Pastor Po-wei: The Coronation of Our Crucified King

09/23: Gospel from Missionary

09/16 Pastor Darrell: Heavenly Riches

09/09: Pastor Po-wei: Two Deaths and a Negative Funeral

August 2018

08/26: Todd Green:

08/19: Pastor Powei: The Real Shepherd

08/12: Pastor Powei: The Real Blindness

08/05: Pastor Darrel: A Costly Banquet Invitation

July 2018

07/29: Pastor Darrel: The Narrow Door

07/22: Pastor Po-wei: The Cross of Christ is What Sets us Free

07/15: Pastor Darrel: Fearless Faith

07/08: Pastor Darrel: Jesus is Our Feast of Tabernacle

07/01: Pastor Darrel

June 2018

06/24: Pastor Darrell: Distracted or Devoted?

06/17: Derrick Tan: Wholeheartedly

06/10: Pastor Po-wei: Jesus is our Real Food

06/03: Pastor Darrell: Follow the Leader

May 2018

05/20: Pastor Darrell: Sow “What”

05/13: Pastor Po-wei: Who Is Really on Trial

05/06: Pastor Darrell: Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

April 2018

04/29: Todd Green: Lion Chasing Storm Sailers

04/22: Pastor Po-wei: The Triune God is the Gospel

04/15: Pastor Darrel: Good Fruit & Strong Houses

04/08: Pastor Po-wei: Jesus’ Word is Real Life

March 2018

03/25: Pastor Po-wei: The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ

03/18: Pastor Darrel: Total Allegiance

03/16: Missionary sharing by Jian An and Laura Zhao

03/11: Pastor Powei: Less like Nicodemus, More like John

03/04: Pastor Darrel: What Did God Say?

February 2018

02/25: Pastor Powei: A Man, a Wedding, and a Messed Up Temple

02/18: Pastor Darrel: Turn or Burn

02/11: Pastor Po-Wei: The Life of Christian Witness

02/04: Pastor Darrel: A King Is Born

January 2018

01/28: Pastor Po-Wei: The Word Became Flesh

01/21: Pastor Darrel: Babies, Babies, Babies

01/14: Pastor Po-Wei: The Coming of the Word is the Fountain of Life

01/07: Pastor Darrel: A “Luke” at John (Luke 1: 1-4)

December 2017

12/31: Combined Service中英文联合崇拜: Pastor Po-Wei: What Jesus Prayed for Before Leaving Earth主耶稣的临别祷告

12/24: Combined Service中英文联合崇拜: Pastor Darrel: Heaven with Us神与我们同在

12/17: Pastor Po-Wei: The Signs of the Gospel

12/10: Combined Service中英文联合崇拜: Pastor Darrel: A True Gift一个真正的礼物

12/03: Pastor Simon Chou: Beware of Your Eyes

November 2017

11/19: Pastor Darrel, A Thankful Thanksgiving

11/12: Chinese Sermon

11/12: English Sermon

11/05: Dr. Chan, Who Holds Tomorrow?

October 2017

10/29: Pastor Darrel: Confronting Israel’s Sinside

10/22: Pastor Po-wei: How Not to Get in Trouble with God

10/08: English Service

10/01: English Service

September 2017

09/24: Pastor Po-wei: True Worship is to Act Justly

09/17: Pastor Darrel: A Dispute with God

09/10: Pastor Po-wei: The “Non-Prophet” Amos

August 2017

08/27: Pastor Po-wei: Locusts, Armies, & Armageddon

08/20: Pastor Po-wei: Joel’s insight: the Day of the Lord

08/13: Pastor Darrell: Rejection to Triumph (Zechariah 12)

08/06: Pastor Darrell: The Kingdom (Zechariah 9:1-9)

July 2017

07/30: Pastor Simon Chou: Songs of Deliverance

07/23: 中英文联合崇拜 Pastor Darrel: Equipped to Serve

07/16: Pastor Po-wei Chen: Prophetic Wisdom in Hosea

07/09: Pastor Po-wei Chen: God’s Love and the Wisdom of Prophecy

07/02: Pastor Darrell: My Peeps

June 2017

06/25: Pastor Po-wei Chen: The judgment of the Cross & “Un-Nature” of Evil

06/18: English service: Visions Galore

06/04: Pastor Darrell: Return to the Lord, Zechariah 1:1-6

May 2017

05/21: Pastor Darrell: More Glory

05/14: Pastor Po-wei Chen: Israel the Patsy

05/07: Pastor Darrell: Temples and Choices

April 2017

04/30: Pastor Simon Chou: Birthright

04/23: Pastor Po-wei Chen: How We Fool Ourselves

04/09: Pastor Po-wei Chen: Hosea on the Nature of Sin

04/02: English service: Triumph Through Trouble

March 2017

03/26: The Illumination of Judgment & the Exposure of Apostasy

03/19: English service

03/12: Pastor Po-wei Chen: The Sorrow of Yhwh

03/05: English Service

Feburary 2017

02/26: Pastor Po-wei Chen:

02/19: Pastor Darrel Haynes: Love in Judgement

02/12: Pastor Po-wei Chen: God’s Unassailable Love

02/05: Pastor Darrel Haynes: God Wins in the End

January 2017

01/29: Pastor Darrel Haynes: Going from Bad to Worse

01/22: Pastor Po-wei Chen: Hosea–Israel’s Faithlessness and God’s Pathos

01/15: Pastor Darrell Haynes: A Fight with God

01/08: Joint Service: Do you love me? 中英文联合崇拜:你愛我嗎

01/01: Pastor Po-wei Chen: The Book of The Twelve: Its Form and Content

December 2016

12/04: Pastor Darrell Haynes: An Impossible Incarnation

November 2016

11/27: Pastor Po-wei Chen: A Thanksgiving Carnival

11/20: Pastor Darrell Haynes: A Real Thanksgiving

11/13: Pastor Darrell Haynes

11/06: Pastor Po-Wei Chen: These Are the Last Days

October 2016

10/30: English Service: World of Life

10/23: Pastor Po-wei Chen: How They are Fools & Why They are Tools

10/16: Pastor Darrell Haynes: True or False

10/09: Pastor Darrell Haynes: God’s Word and Our Destiny

10/02: Pastor Darrell Haynes: The Total Package

September 2016

09/25: Pastor Po-wei Chen: Paul’s Last Warning

09/18: Pastor Simon Chow: Ministry of Life

09/11: Pastor Po-wei Chen: Real Christians Share

August 2016

08/28: English service

08/21: Brother Darrell: Sound the Alarm-An Overview of 2 Peter

08/14: Pastor Po-wei Chen: Works of the Flesh vs Fruit of the Spirit

08/07: Pastor Po-wei Chen

July 2016

07/31: Brother Dennis Dong: Abiding in Christ

07/24: Pastor Simon Chou: How Should We Then Serve?

07/17: Pastor Po-wei Chen: Christian’s freedom is love

07/10: Rev. Stephen Chan: Christian Liberty and Hope in Today’s America

07/03: Simon Chou:Concerning the Gender Issue

June 2016

06/26: Roger Lin:Gospel Contextualization

06/19: Pastor Po-wei Chen: A Picture of Contestation

06/12: Brother Jeff Yin: Knowing Good and Evil

06/05: Pastor Po-wei Chen: Galatians 5:1-6 How to be Free

May 2016

05/29: We Are the Bride of Christ

05/22: Who’s yo mama?

05/15: Pastor Simon Chou: We Are the Body of Christ

05/13: Brother Darrel’s Testimony

05/08: Pastor Po-wei Chen: When to Speak Plainly

05/01: Pastor Roger Lin: A Study on Love

April 2016

04/24: Pastor Po-wei Chen: This Terrifying Freedom

04/17: Pastor Simon Chou: Walking in the Light

04/03: Theology The Study of God, Psalm 145:1-9

March 2016

03/27: 中英文聯合崇拜: 陳柏維傳道: 你喜欢这些骸骨吗? (Combined Service: Pastor Po-Wei Chen: How do you like them bones?)

03/20: Marty Dong: Into Your Hands – The Last words of Jesus

03/13: Pastor Po-Wei Chen: How to Grow Up

03/06: Pastor Simon Chou: Washing each other’s feet

Feburary 2016

02/28: Pastor Po-wei Chen: Do not hold on to the Quarantine

02/21: Pastor Roger Lin: Christology The Study of Jesus

02/14: Pastor Po-wei Chen: The Law was a “bonus,” not a codicil

02/07: Faith Journey

January 2016

01/31: Don’t curse yourself by doing the law

01/24: Rev. Chan:Biblical Blueprint of Church’s Functioning

December 2015

12/20: 中英文聯合崇拜:以馬內利,神與我們同在 (Joint worship: Emmanuel, God with us)

12/13: Rev. Marty Dong

12/06: Rev. Chan: Advent and Advance of Grace

November 2015

11/29: Rev. Chan: The Desolate Wilderness

11/22: Rev. Chan: Love and Being Thankful

11/15: English Service

11/8: English Service: Giving Excellently

11/1: English Service: The Farewell Prayer

October 2015

10/25: English Service: The Truth About Who We Are

10/18: English Service: Living the Love

10/11: English Service: Glorify God By Affirming

10/04: Rev. Chan: Christ is the Way

September 2015

09/27: Rev. Chan: Christ is the Way

August 2015

08/30: Pastor Po-Wei Chen: The Careful Duty of Harmony

08/23: English Service: Slavation Belongs to God

08/16: Pastor Po-Wei Chen: Your Life as an Argument for the Gospel

08/09: English Sermon: Building the Body(1 Cor 12)

08/02: English Sermon

July 2015

07/26: English Service

June 2015

06/29: Rev. Stephen Chan: The Metaphor of Good Shepherd John 10:1-6

06/21: Rev. Frank Li: To Glorify God

06/14: Rev. Marty Dongn: Becoming a Super Bowl

06/07: Rev. Stephen Chan: The Problematic HINA

May 2015

05/31: English Service

05/17: English Service

05/10: Pastor Marty Dong: When Blue & Green is Gray (1 Cor. 8:9-13)

05/03: Pastor Po-wei: Paul’s Most Radical Letter(Galatians 2:15-21)

April 2015

04/26: Feed the multiple

04/19: Pastor Marty Dong: English Sermon

04/12: Pastor Marty Dong: Spiritual or Worldly?(1 Corinthians 3:1-6)

04/05: Pastor Po-wei: Jesus is RISEN!John 20:11-29

March 2015

03/29: Rev. Stephen Chan: The passion story of John

03/22: Pastor Po-wei:

03/15: Pastor Po-wei: How to fail better

03/08: Rev. Marty Dong: Holy Spirit Helps

03/01: Rev. Stephen Chan: Zeal for God’s House

Feburary 2015

02/22: English Service

02/15: Po-Wei Chen: Second Half of the only Math Book in the Bible

02/08: A Better Way

02/01: Rev. Stephen Chan: The Incarnation. John 1:4-28

January 2015

01/25: Rev. Stephen Chan: English Service

01/18: Rev. Stephen Chan: English Service

01/11: Rev. Marty Dong: This Is Not Our Home

01/04: A Life of Intense Pursuit

December 2014

12/28: Pastor Daniel Kang: Rest in God

12/21: Combined Service中英文聯合崇拜: The Meaning of the Birthday Boy基督降生的意義

12/14: Combined Service中英文聯合崇拜: When the set time had fully come及至時候滿足

12/07 English Service

November 2014

11/30 English Service: Isaiah 64: 1-9

11/23 English Service:

11/16 Po-Wei Chen:

11/09 Works Won’t Work

11/02 Rev. Stephen Chan: Two Troubles of Faith

October 2014

10/26 Rev. Stephen Chan: Ministry of Desiring Nobel Task

10/19 Rev. Marty Dong: Believe and REceive

10/12 David Sorteberg: Jesus’ last words: What do they mean for us?

10/05 Pastor Chan

September 2014

09/14 Pastor Chan: Live a New Life

09/07 English Service

August 2014

08/31 中英文聯合崇拜Combined Service: 愛与需要Love and Need

08/24: Rev. Stephen Chan: English Sermon

08/17: Po-Wei Chen: English Sermon

08/10: Pastor Xu: Space

08/10: Po-Wei Chen

08/03: Above All- Love

July 2014

07/27: Pastor Thomas Law: Are you ready for Jesus

07/20: Rev. Stephen Chan: Esther

07/13: Chinese sermon

07/13: English sermon

07/06: Chinese sermon

07/06: English sermon

June 2014

06/22: Rev. Stephen Chan: Esther: A Book of Divine Absence (2)

06/15: Po-Wei Chen: The Old Testament Story

06/08: English sermon

06/01: English sermon

May 2014

05/25: English sermon: Rejoice in the Lord!

05/18: English sermon

05/04: English sermon

April 2014

04/27: Po-Wei Chen

04/13: Rev. Marty Dong: English sermon

04/06: Rev. Stephen Chan: English sermon

March 2014

03/23: Po-Wei Chen: What about life

03/02: Rev. Stephen Chan: The Sermon on the Plain

February 2014

02/23: About Temptation

02/16: Stuard: Finding Your Direction in Life

02/02: Rev. Stephen Chan: Therefore Am I Sent

January 2014

01/26: Po-Wei Chen: The Crucified Joy

01/19: Rev. Stephen Chan: Faith, Doubt and Jealousy

01/12: Rev. Marty Dong: Strong and Courageous

01/05: Rev. Stephen Chan: Newness in Christ

December 2013

12/29: Po-Wei Chen: Indestructible Joy

12/22: Chinese sermon

12/15: Joined Service

12/08: Rev. Stephen Chan: Incarnation

12/01: Chinese sermon

12/01: English sermon: Be Ye Thankful

November 2013

11/24: Rev. Stephen Chan: Satisfaction and Contentment

11/17: The Impossibility of Thanksgiving

11/10: Marty Dong:Gaining through Contentment

October 2013

10/26: Gospel Event Day 2: Bibilical Wisdom to Raise the Next Generation

10/25: Gospel Event Day 1: Bibilical Wisdom to Raise the Next Generation

10/20: David Sorteberg: Among them as one who serves

10/20: David Sorteberg: Among them as one who serves

10/13: Rev. Johnny To: Grace Filled Home

September 2013

09/22: Rev. Stephen Chan: The Supremacy of the Son of God

09/15: Rev. Stephen Chan: Introduction to Colossians (Part 2)

09/08: Rev. Stephen Chan: Faith and Love (and the Ephesians-Colossians Conundrum)

August 2013

08/25: Rev. Stephen Chan: Transfiguration

08/18: Pastor Po-Wei Chen: The Thing about Heaven

08/11: Pastor Johnny To: Trustworthy Sayings

08/04: Pastor Wang: Diary of A Wimpy Christian

July 2013

07/21: Stella Hua: Seeking to Know God

07/14: Rev. Stephen Chan: God Is Love

07/07: Rev. Stephen Chan: The Evil One

June 2013

06/30: Rev. Stephen Chan: A sermon on First

06/23: Rev. Stephen Chan: The Fading World

May 2013

05/19: Rev. Stephen Chan: I love you Lord

05/05: Rev. Stephen Chan: From Problem To Praise

April 2013

04/28: Pastor Marty Dong: Generations Titus 2

04/21: Rev. Stephen Chan: From Problem to Praise

04/14: Pastor Johnny To: How to Develop Authentic Fellowship

March 2013

03/24: Rev. Stephen Chan: The Abandonment of Jesus

03/17: Rev. Stephen Chan: THE GOSPEL OF MARK

03/03: Rev. Stephen Chan: Triumphal Entry

February 2013

02/24: Rev. Stephen Chan: Three Sermons of Christ

02/17: Rev. Stephen Chan

02/10: Rev. Stephen Chan: Walking with Jesus

02/03: Rev. Stephen Chan: Five Thousand Fed

January 2013

01/27: Rev. Stephen Chan: Three Miracles of Healing

01/20: Rev. Stephen Chan: The Beginning of Christ’s Gospel

01/13: Zest for Life from Worshiping God

01/06: Rev. Stephen Chan: Christian View of New Year

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